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Best Social Media Link Generator | $10 Discount For New User

Switchy is one of the best Social Media Link Generator and perfect retargeting tools. It lets the developer customize, manage, and track retargeting links, including boosting conversions.



Companies and businesses have a second chance of converting customers with the help of Social Media Link Generators like Switchy.

Retargeting has been the solution to many online norms. The traditional website retargeting tools your website visitors have now have more than 70% of the chance to convert.

Initially, when there is no bounce rate on social media links, it is a calamity.

In fact, it is quite obvious that if a customer is not visiting your site in the first place, then you have old and outdated social media links.

In this case, the only vital solution is retargeting tools like Switchy.

What is Switchy?

Switchy is one of the best retargeting tools. It lets the developer customize, manage, and track retargeting links, including boosting conversions.

Switchy can be used to affiliate with e-commerce sites like Shopify. Moreover, it is found to be perfect for many marketing tools as well. You can add retargeting pixels

  • UTMs,
  • tags,
  • geo-redirect,
  • A/B testing, or

They can even activate deep links using 30+ advanced options On August 1, 2010, this entry was published.

How Switchy Works

One of the best things about Switchy is that it is very benign to use thanks to its easy interface. It is very easy to understand with modern colours and is beginner-friendly.

Once you install and launch Switchy, you have to create a workspace first.

Afterwards, you will be able to create customised links and can add them to the diverse folders.

  • In simple terms, just click on the Create a New Link button and then you are good to go.
  • Moreover, if you are still confused while using Switchy, you can get your queries solved with the help of the Chat Button. It is given on the right bottom.
  • With the help of Switchy, you can track your users that engage with your posts.
  • You can integrate the retargeting pixels into your links without any further skill.
  • In this way, the visitor who clicks on the link will be directly targeted on the ad platform.

Why is Switchy the best for social media link generators?

Switchy has many great attributes compared to any other retargeting tool. It is user-friendly and very easy to use. Moreover, Switchy guarantees to give you the lost customer and you will benefit from it.

When you share a link generator with the help of Switchy, it will show you the GDPR 404 errors and other pop-ups to let you know about the links.

Long URLs always harm a website. Thanks to Switchy, it shortens your links, which is easy to memorise and good for SEO


If your website comprises long-lasting links or your social media links are more than enough, use switchy. There is no other tool that gives the same benefit as Switchy. It is beginner-friendly and there is no such science fiction to solve in it. Everything is given on the interface.


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